Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DIY Fabric Flower Earrings

On my recent trip to Forever 21, I spotted a pair of earrings that caught my eye. They weren't too expensive, however the color wasn't right, and they weren't BIG enough, so I decided to make them myself.

Here is the inspiration for this project {source; Forever 21}:

This project takes about 30 minutes from start-to-finish!

You will need:

Scrap Fabric
Fabric Marker {marker or pencil will work fine}
(2) Earring Hooks
(4) Open Jump Rings

Start by drawing a circle about 1 1/2 wide on a piece of fabric. Cut the circle out of the fabric.

Place the circle {which is now your template} on more scrap fabric {I like to fold the fabric several times so that I can get more circles}, then carefully cut around the template.

Take one of the circles, fold it in half; then fold it in half again
Thread your needle, and make a stitch through the bottom of the first piece. Take another circle and fold it in half, then half again. Add the second circle to the base of the first piece {stitching together at the base} - You will begin to ADD these little pieces to each other by sewing them together at the base. Do this until you have the desired fullness.

I added a jump ring by opening up the ring, and hooking it to a piece of thread in the middle of the flower, then finally to the end of the chain.  - Add the second jump ring to the earring hook, and connect it to the top part of the chain.

Your earrings should look like this; Don't worry, they don't have to be perfect!
 Here they are in action!


  1. Beautiful! If you ever decide to sell your jewelry, please let me know.

  2. Stunning. This is such an easy thing to put together and I will attempt it this weekend. Thanks for posting!

  3. You are just WAY to talented and creative!! These are hottttttt!! When is the accessories store opening up, boo!!!!! I am so in love with these earrings. Just pack em up and ship them on over to me!!!

    ALso, thanks for stop by my blog. I wish you were closer, cause I would so help you shop for make-up and brushes...lol If you are going to MAC, then def start with the 217 and the 239. I f I had to choose one, the 217. You can use it to blend AND apply color. I had a vid done about it , but never uploaded. If you have a Michael's by you, then you can get a 239 dupe for about 3 bucks. It's a Loew-Cornell brush that does the same thing.



  5. loves it... I swear all these diy projects has me all nervous ... how did you sew it together? lol.. yep im lost...

  6. @Shica Thank You, will do!

    @Chinye Thanks, it is supppper easy, and I suppose you get fancier fabrics to give it more of a dressier look.

    @Marsha (BrownFace) HA HA HA!!! Thank you!!! Thank You. I wish I was closer to because I am clueless, I don't know what brush serves what function...I am going to pick up the 217 AND the 239 Dupe from Michael's...

    @BeautyXchangeGirl Thank you!

    @NATHALIE Thank you chica, and I heart your blog!

    @τreciä LOL I sewed them just any old way near the base of the stem. You see where my finger is? That is where I sew the pieces together.

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank you!!! :-)

  7. I love DIY projects! Your blog is such a inspiration :)

  8. Hey. It's faithful "Anonymous" again. And you just gave me a great idea on how to add a little zest to a solid tank. Think a diagonal row of highly patterend fabric flowers would just be "wow" to a solid peice.

  9. Its me again :-) I tried looking for the jump rings and the chain to put everything together, but with no avail. Where is a good place to look? Will Micheal's be my best bet? Thanks chica!

  10. @Anonymous HA HA! I actually love that idea. Definitely adds some wow factor to a plain tank. They have some really nice fabric for spring out as well!

    @Chinye Hey! You can definitely try Michael's. I know they have them! They are usually next to the jewelry tools {flat head, needle nose, and round pliers}

  11. I love all of your DIY projects. THese earrings were very creative. Do you think you could do a tutorial on the necklace you're wearing in the picture of the top of your blog if you made it?

  12. @Anonymous, thank you very much! Unfortunately I didn't make that necklace. I bought it from H&M, but if I happen to come across any materials to make it...I will definitely do a DIY. :-)

  13. it's very a beautiful... I love it.. hope someday I can made it.. ^^

  14. @Merry; Thank you! They are fairly easy to make, you should try them!

  15. I wish I saw your blog before I bought this on ASOS.

  16. @Music is the new black: Awwee :-/ Sorry. You can always make more :-)

  17. Don't know if/when you read the comments. Hopefully so.

    Anywho, I'm getting ready to redecorate my place and apparently I have chosen the hardest color palette to work with. Teal, turquoise, l.blue for a living room like this


    just isn't working for me. Since I don't want to change my plan, I'm looking into some DIY projects in order to do this. Think I've gotten an idea or two from you to liven up some throw pillows at least. Thanks!


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