Friday, February 19, 2010

The Social Media Bible

[Gotta love the new "green" shopping bags from Barnes & Noble]
This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jane Carter of The Jane Carter Solution [interview coming next week], and during the course of the interview, we actually got a chance to talk sans hair related topics. It was at that time that Jane mentioned she recently started reading The Social Media Bible. 
2 Days, and $32 dollars later; I found myself sitting on my bed flipping through 800 pages of comprehensive information geared towards guiding your business towards the upper echelon. This book is a must have for small business owners, as it takes the mystique and complexity out of Social Media Marketing.


  1. Nice, how did you score that interview? Looking forward to it!

  2. A small business I have. I'll be checking this book out.

  3. Hello Nikole,

    Thank you for the kind words and that awesome photo!

    Maybe we should do an interview?!

    -Lon Safko, Author of The Social Media Bible

  4. @BeautyXchangeGirl Thank You! They stumbled upon my blog, and I was contacted by one of her reps! I should have the interview up by Monday, Jane had lots of great info to share!

  5. @Lon Thank YOU!! & Thank you for sharing this info with the world. I've had a hard time wrapping my brain around how to properly utilize social networks, and was in the dark as to how they would really benefit me. This book is starting to really shed some much needed light on this and many other subjects.

    Would love to do an interview when your schedule permits! NIKOLE@THEMOPTOPMAVEN.COM

  6. Thanks for sharing, I heart your website....its full of useful information!!


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