Friday, February 5, 2010

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

It was definitely one of those days yesterday. My twist out was a disaster [note to self, 8 big twists will not work], and had to be salvaged and fashioned into some sort of pony-puff hybrid. To add insult to injury, I didn't really see too many complete outfits that I liked at Zara's.  Did I also mention I have a 9 page paper due today on Socrates?

Sometimes items on the hanger look completely different once you try them on, I got affirmation of that last night. I must say though, I am loving the nautical and resort wear look that will be hot this spring/summer. I saw lots of red and white striped shirts, dresses, red jackets, blue jackets, and a ton of white ensembles.

Those suede blue pumps didn't make it back home with me [and I am kicking myself now], as they were only about $80 bucks.

I love these pink shoes!! They had a rattan-like texture $109

Muted tones like grays and pinks are finally making their way into stores. I saw a lot of that on the runways last year. 

This outfit was just ok, definitely a dissapointment, not to mention the nude shoes were super uncomfortable. I think nude pumps are classic, and come in handy when you can't find shoes for an outfit. You can almost wear them with anything. 

Riding style pants are also making their way into a lot of stores. I love that look, it is has a very clean, tailored aesthetic.

I found a really cool leather utilitarian-esque belt. This linen top was very cool as well, I could see it with riding pants, and camel color riding boots. 


  1. okay....i'm loving the last picture with the belt and the linen's hard to shop in Zara in my mall, because Banana Republic is located right across from it and I ALWAYS choose Banana!!! the pink shoes are fire!!

  2. I love the belt in the last pic! I want it, like, YESTERDAY!!! ...along w/ the suede pumps!

  3. i love love love absolutely everything

  4. wow i realy love the pieces that you put together - your style is amazing !

  5. @Ch3rRy BuBbleGum I LOVE BANANA!! Funny thing too because I hardly see them in my area anymore. - And I am kicking myself for not getting those shoes!

  6. @love.akihsoy Tell me about it!!! I think I might go back for it, although I didn't take note of how much it was [that is the deciding factor]. The suede pumps were surprisingly comfy too!

  7. @Ericka Kayne I love it too! They had a bunch of colors, and textures..I may go back today.

  8. @Anonymous Thank you very much!! I must admit though, Zara has a pretty nice collection this season so it is fairly easy!

  9. Hot Hot Hot!! Too many to choose from! I love it!!


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