Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad. Bad. Hair

I had one of those really BAD hair days, the kind when everything you do turns out to be a complete and total disaster. I decided to try a honey deep conditioning treatment. Why did I do that? My hair was so stiff and looked all sorts of crazy, I thought it was going to snap and break off. My hair HATES honey on it's own. Duly Noted.

I did my normal routine, and opted for the quick and easy braid out; Yet another disaster, I had some sort of dry, stiff pompadour going on. I really wanted to pick up my pressing comb, like really bad; but instead I started flipping through tons of inspiration pics I have saved on my computer for times like this [I thought about transferring some to the blackberry, but that might be overkill], and a few hours later...I am kind of happy I didn't cave in.  My hair is in a bun now, and it will stay that way until I figure out what to try next. Until then, I will continue to look at my pics..... but I wonder though, how often do these women have bad hair days?

Looking at this pic reminds me of how much I love Mustard colored accent pieces! They can make any outfit stand out. It also inspires me to stop by Forever 21 tomorrow to see if I can find some statement pieces like the scarf she has on. I will let you know what I find....I could use a few new treats after the way things went tonight.


  1. Oh, I feel your pain. My hair is going through some type of tantrum the last 3 weeks. Nothing, I mean, nothing makes it happy...it's just dry dry dry!!!

  2. Ok so I am not alone! Something has got to give, and quick!


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